Calling ALL Area Athletes

Speed Camp Details

Round 2:

Sunday May 5 | 1-3p

Location: Redwood Track

Donation Price: $30/athlete

Functional Fitness invites your athletes to come together to not only raise funds for the school but also help them excel at their sport(s).

<< OPEN TO GRADES. 7 & UP >>

In this session we’re going to cover all the different components of movement development. Field courts, court sports & track events, it doesn’t matter. This speed camp is designed to improve athletic performance across the board.

Our focus will cover the following:

* Tissue work, Mobility work, Proper warm up

* Speed & power development

* Lateral movement

* Acceleration technique

* Top end speed

* Proper Change of direction

* Deceleration

These skills will be taught through game play & fun activities that challenge athletes to compete against each other and compete with themselves.

Our goal at FF for 2024 is to continue to give back to the community.

We're chipping away at our long list of requests - up next is helping Redwood UPDATE THEIR RECESS EQUIPMENT to benefit all students!

We run athlete-specific programming throughout the summer months as well as train athletes year round in our semi-private setting, so we're excited to offer an opportunity to expose even more athletes to what we do!

Join us for a one day speed camp, open to all area athletes grade 7 and up, to collect funds that will go directly to the Redwood Area Education Foundation.

If you have an athlete who is interested or know of an athlete who would benefit, feel free to share this page with them!


507-312-9348 | [email protected]